School Badges

Supermarkets are moving in on the school wear embroidery business, and their slice of the pie is only going to get bigger. With state of the art logistics and production systems,they can offer a fast turnaround. On the other hand, schoolwear suppliers and embroiderers have a massive disadvantage: it’s a seasonal business,and most of them don’t have optimum capacity during peak periods.


Embroiderybadge.ukhas the perfect solution to this problem. Our embroidered and woven badges can be appliqued onto uniforms using your embroidery machines, resulting in several advantages:

  1. Since the badge edges are embroidered onto garments, there is no fear of the badge becoming lose or unstuck when washed.
  1. Badges can be ordered in bulk and used as needed – no more unnecessary expense or storage problems.
  1. A 15,000-stitch embroidered design becomes a 1,500-stitch single-colour border, which results in faster production. This technique can be easily used for both large orders as well as small repeat orders.
  1. Woven applique badges are flatter and cancontain more details than embroidery.On the back of the badge, there are no rough areas that may cause irritation when worn.
  1. has innovative ways of programming a badge so that it can even be partially appliqued and partly embroidered.


Iron-on Badges iron-on stitch finish badges offer a mind-boggling costsavings when compared to traditional uniform prices. The final output is completely professional-looking.

Our logos are easy to attach as they can be ironed on within minutes (we strongly recommend stitching the badge manually as well, 100% bonding). With a quality heat seal bonding agent, badges are machine washable, convenient for back to school uniforms or to use when replacing lost or damaged garments.

You’ll be impressed by the savings and convenience we offer:

  • Fast ordering system
  • Can be fully embroidered or woven
  • Easy to attach
  • Environmentally friendly