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High Quality and Sustainable Chenille badges and patches from

Looking for a stylish and durable way to showcase your brand or team? Look no further than! Our chenille badges are made with premium materials and designed to your exact specifications while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Premium Badges for Long-Lasting Style.

Our Chenille badges and patches are made with premium yarn and high-quality felt backing, ensuring they are stylish and durable. We use a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure every badge is made to the highest standards.

Ensuring Suitable Designs for Chenille badges and patches

It’s important to remember that not all designs are suitable for chenille badges. To ensure that your badge looks its best, it’s important to consider the size and complexity of the design. Chenille badges look great when the chenille coverage area is large and does not have tiny overlapping objects on top of the chenille, as the other embroidered objects will sink into the chenille. Also, note that Chenille patches will always have a felt background; by choosing the right background felt colour and incorporating open areas in your design, you will not just add another dimension but also reduce cost. Our team can guide you in optimising your design for a Chenille badge. Pop your logo and the desired size into our live chat and let us know what part of the logo will be in Chenille, and we will answer immediately.

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 pcs.

Delivery: 15-18 days. For a similar product with faster delivery, check out our Faux Chenille Badges

Typical pricing for 5cm -7 cm chenille patches. (per Pc)

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Chenille badges and patches, commonly known as Letterman Patches, are perfect for designs with large areas of solid colour or when a sizable patch is needed like those typically seen on varsity jackets and sweaters. Not all designs are best suited for chenille badges, but it will look fantastic if your design features a large area for the chenille fill. Plus, our prices become significantly more budget-friendly when you order 300 pieces or more. Choose us for your Chenille patch requirements to enjoy great value and impressive results!

Backing Options:

  1. Heat Seal: For easy application with an iron or heat press.
  2. Adhesive: Quick, simple stick-on solution with a semi-permanent pressure-sensitive backing – great for product sample shoots.
  3. Non-woven: Ideal for applique embroidery.

Border & Edge Selection:

  1. Merrow: A traditional, strong overlock stitch border.
  2. Satin: A smooth, elegant stitch for a polished finish.
  3. Laser-cut: this is the most commonly used option.Precise edges for intricate designs, available in various colours.

Fabric Material:

Chenille embroidered patches excel when applied to a felt base, giving them a visually striking and high-quality appearance.

Explore these custom options to create perfect chenille badges and enjoy top-tier quality with our services!

At, we’ve designed an easy online ordering system to make it incredibly simple for customers to order their chenille patches and chenille badges. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience so that you can create the perfect badge without any hassle.

Here’s how to order chenille badges on our website:

  1. Click on “Get a Quote” in the top right corner or select the image provided.
  2. Choose “Embroidered, Chenille & 3D Puff Badges” on the product selection page.
  3. Select “Embroidered Chenille Badges” to proceed.
  4. Log in or enter your details to create a new account.
  5. Customize your Chenille badge to your preferences.
  6. Choose the appropriate unit of measurement for accurate sizing.
  7. Reach out to us if you need assistance or have questions.

Remember that ordering in bulk provides significant savings when selecting your desired quantity. The more you order, the cheaper each chenille patch becomes! Consider using your chenille badges on different products to maximize their impact and value.

Choose for a stress-free  chenille badge ordering experience, and let us put you at ease with our top-notch service!

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What is the minimum order quantity? 

Our minimum order quantity is 25  badges, although prices drastically decrease as you order more. Many of our customers order a higher quantity and then use the spare ones as a backup and also try and use it on additional garments or products like gym bags, towels etc.

Can I order more than one logo to make up the 25 badges? 

The minimum order quantity is 25 pcs PER design, so if you want to order two designs, you need to ensure that they are a minimum of 25 pcs for each design. This includes any design changes, colours, borders, base or size.

Can I amend it at any time?

Yes, at Embroidery Badge, we give you complete control over amendments until the digital mockup approval to avoid surprises. You can, however, amend after this stage, although a charge may occur.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can, without charge, at the digital mockup stage. Once you have approved this stage and paid the setup charge of £42 for a  physical/production sample, you can cancel, and the setup charge of £42 is non-refundable. Once you approve the physical/production sample stage and payment is made in full, the £42 will be deducted. If you wish to cancel at this stage, you will be liable for all costs incurred (the set-up charge of £42, postage if applicable and the final invoice charge). 

Can I add any artwork? 

Virtually yes!  But please provide a high-resolution image such as a jpeg or png file; if not, ai or pdf files can be used.

Can I repeat orders? 

Yes! Information on all completed orders will be stored on your online account.

What size can I choose?

A chenille badge can reach 250mm; the minimum is 60 mm. Please be aware that any lettering in Chenille has to be largely due to the ‘fuzzy’ pile weave used. 

What colours can I choose?

Please refer to the Fabric Shade Charts for twill or felt colours if you choose a felt fabric background colour rather than 100% embroidery. This can often be a less expensive option.

Please refer to the chenille thread chart to state your preferred colours

Please refer to the Merrow border thread chart if you choose this type of  border

If you have thread colour references, please always state these, as this will help us to colour-match your badges more accurately.

Can I see a photograph of the finished badge before I confirm an order?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process.

If you’d like us to match your badge to an existing badge, please provide all the details (badge type/amount/size/border/backgrounds/backings/colours). Please ensure the badge picture is clear and taken from an aerial angle for greater accuracy.  Otherwise, please provide a high-resolution file with any new badge designs for us to copy accurately. If you have any Pantone references, that is always a bonus! In the first Digital Mockup step, we create a photograph of a computer-generated mockup; the idea is to ensure that elements in the artwork are present, which will require your first approval (please note any changes in this stage are free). Once you first approve, this will trigger the production/physical approval step, and we will create a photograph of your actual stitched-out badge. Once you second approve, this will trigger production, or you can request up to 4 sample badges to be sent to you (please note any changes at this stage will be chargeable). 

Can I get a sample of my badge before I fully order?

99% of our customers are happy with digital and production approval from a photograph of their badge. If you want to order a sample badge before a full order, the cost is:- £35 + VAT + tracked and signed postage from Brentwood, UK, to your destination. Please note that a physical sample request adds up to  9 days to your final delivery.

What is Digital Mock-up approval?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process. In the digital mock-up approval step, we create a photograph of a computer-generated mockup; the idea is to ensure that elements in the artwork are present, which will require your first approval. Please ensure that each element of your bespoke badge is correct; if not, amend it. Amendments at this stage are free, and the process will revert to an amended computer-generated mockup. Please be aware each amendment can cause a delay. Once you approve, this will trigger the production/physical sample approval step.

What is the Production/Physical Sample Approval Process?

Our two-step approval process ensures your satisfaction with the final Chenille badge. Here’s how it works:

  1. First Approval: We’ll provide a computer-generated digital mockup of your badge. Once you approve, we’ll proceed to the next step. Please note that any changes after this stage may be subject to additional charges and may cause delays.
  2. Second Approval: We’ll create a photograph of your actual stitched-out badge and share it with you. Use a retina display screen (such as an iPhone 8 or later or a Samsung Galaxy S21 onwards) to ensure accurate colour representation. Providing Pantone references for your design can also improve colour accuracy.

Important Reminders:

  • Always use a retina display screen to ensure accurate colour representation when approving the production scan.
  • Do NOT print the production scan to approve colours, as printers may render colours inaccurately, and colours may look different on various screens.
  • If you’re unsure about the colours, we recommend ordering a physical sample to avoid discrepancies.

Please be aware that amending the design after the second approval may result in additional charges and delays. The process will revert to the digital mockup stage, requiring both first and second approvals again. You can request up to four physical sample badges if needed.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless approval process and to receive your perfect Chenille badges!

How can I contact you for help?

Use our LiveChat (open from 9 am-9 pm) Greenwich Mean Time. If we do not answer, please leave a message. Or email Or call on 0800 368 7414.

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