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Woven keyrings bring a small, charming touch to your key collection

or serve as an eye-catching decorative accessory. Artisans weave colorful threads into intricate patterns, creating unique and attractive designs. Made from soft, flexible woven fabric, you can choose these keyrings in either single-sided or double-sided styles.

People who love personalizing their items will adore these woven keyrings. And they add style to your everyday essentials and also make perfect gifts for friends and family. Schools and universities often opt for custom woven keychains, appreciating their stylish appearance and sturdy construction.

If you’re looking to order these trendy and functional accessories,

the minimum order quantity stands at 100 pieces. We promise delivery within 14 to 21 days. So, whether you’re enhancing your own collection or seeking custom woven keychains, woven fabric keyrings offer a fun and practical way to express your personality.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs.

Delivery: 14 – 21 days.

Discover the charm of woven keyrings at

Here, we create captivating and functional accessories perfect for promotional companies and fashion brands. Woven keyrings are small and decorative items, typically crafted from colourful threads intricately woven together; forming eye-catching and unique patterns. These keyrings offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to elevate their branding and promotions.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, woven keyrings are favoured for their durable construction and stylish appearance, making them an ideal choice for promotional giveaways, branded keyrings, and corporate keychains. As both a fun and practical accessory, woven keyrings effortlessly add flair to your promotional products, ensuring that your brand stands out in the crowd.

One significant advantage of using keychains for branding is

their daily usage, which means your brand will have a greater reach and increased visibility. With a woven keyring, your target audience will see and remember your brand’s message every time they use their keys.

At, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Choose our woven keyrings to enhance your promotional, branded, and corporate keychains, and experience the difference of working with our committed and customer-centric team.

To order your woven keyring, follow these simple steps:

  1. Name your project to make it easy to identify.
  2. Choose between single-sided or double-sided keyrings, and remember to keep colours and details to a minimum to ensure the best quality outcome. For double-sided designs, select a standard simple shape.
  3. Select the quantity you need to match your budget and requirements.
  4. Upload your desired image or logo to be featured on your keyring.
  5. We will create a free mockup and send you a final quote for your approval before production begins.
  6. Once you have approved the mockup and paid for your order, we will begin the production process and create one sample of your custom woven keyring. This sample will give you complete peace of mind, as you will know exactly how the final product will look.
  7. After you have approved the sample, we will proceed with the rest of your order, ensuring that each keyring is of the highest quality.

Ordering your custom woven keyring has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Woven Keychains

Looking for the perfect custom woven keychains to meet your needs? We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision and feel confident in your purchase.

What is the minimum order quantity for woven keychains?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. Ordering in larger quantities reduces the price per piece, allowing customers to use extras as promotional keychains, giveaways, or tags for additional items.

Can I include multiple designs in my order of 100 woven keyrings?

Yes, you can order two or more designs, but each design must have a minimum of 100 pieces per colourway. This includes any variations in design, colours, borders, base, or size.

When can I make changes to my promotional keychain order?

You can amend your order before approving the digital mockup. After this stage, amendments may incur a charge. Once the order enters production, no changes can be made.

Can I cancel my woven keychain order at any time?

You can cancel your order without a charge at the digital mockup stage only. Upon approval of the digital mockup, you’ll be asked to make a non-refundable payment for a physical/production sample. If you approve the physical sample and then decide to cancel, you’ll be responsible for all incurred costs.

Can I add any artwork to my custom keychains?

Yes, simply upload a high-resolution image (e.g., jpeg, png, ai, or pdf file) of the artwork you’d like us to create. We’ll send a high-resolution digital mockup for your approval.

Can I reorder custom woven keyrings?

Yes, you can place repeat orders directly through our system, as your previous orders are stored under your account.

What size options are available for woven keychains?

Choose any size between 20mm and 120mm. Ensure that lettering is at least 1mm high for visibility.

What colour options do you offer for promotional woven keyrings?

We can closely match Pantone shades with up to 90% accuracy for our custom-woven keyrings. Additionally, you can consult our woven thread chart and choose your preferred colours to ensure the perfect match for your promotional keyring designs.

Will I see a photo of the finished keyring before confirming my order?

Yes, our 2-stage approval process includes a photo of the final produced product for your review.

Can you replicate a woven keychain I ordered from another supplier?

Yes, provide details such as size and colours, as well as a clear, aerial-angle photo of the existing keychain or a high-resolution file of new badge designs. Pantone references are a bonus. After creating a computer-generated digital mockup and receiving your approval, we’ll proceed with the production/physical sample approval process.

Can I receive a sample keyring before placing a full order?

While 99% of customers are satisfied with digital and production approval via photos, you can request a physical sample at a cost of £35 + VAT + tracked and signed postage. Note that requesting a physical sample adds up to 9 days to the final delivery. If you proceed with the full order, the £35 + VAT (if applicable) will be deducted from the final order.

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