At, we offer high-quality Direct to Film (DTF) transfers, ideal for customers seeking vivid full-colour graphics and a softer touch than vinyl. Our expert artwork team can enhance your art, improve, and create vector images when possible, ensuring perfect transfers.

DTF transfers involve printing designs on a unique PET film, which is heat-pressed onto your chosen fabric using high temperature and pressure. The outcome is a vibrant, durable image that feels soft and comfortable on the fabric.

DTF transfers are perfect for products like t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, and more, catering to personal, business, and promotional needs. Our DTF process allows for high-quality, full-colour images, including photos and intricate designs, resulting in long-lasting, fade-resistant prints.

At, we supply DTF transfers on PET film, making it easy for you to heat-press the prints onto garments. The process is quick and allows for high customization.

Choose DTF transfers from for vivid graphics, a soft feel, and a highly customizable printing solution. Our skilled artwork team ensures your design is perfect for transferring, giving your garments and products a unique, personal touch. 

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