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EmbroideryBadge.UK has got you covered! Our blog offers the latest news, trends, and tips on saving money  custom patches and promotional products, including Embroidered, Sublimation, Woven, Silicone, PVC, TPU, and Metallic Patches. In addition to garment embellishment, we provide insights on creating eye-catching promotional keyrings and patches. Stay up-to-date with our newest products, like Embroidered Epaulettes and stitch effect transfers, and embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly Sustainable Badges from recycled plastic bottles. Trust EmbroideryBadge.UK to help you achieve your custom embellishment goals and take your branding to the next level.

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    Everything to Know about School Uniform Badges
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    5 Best Techniques to Apply Patches
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    9 Tips for Increasing Your Business Efficiency
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    Embroidered vs Sublimation vs Woven Patches
    Our Favourite Football Badges
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