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Each woven badge is meticulously crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Our badges are not simply adornments; they represent stories, identities, and aspirations. The intricacy in each woven patch reflects the profound dedication we invest in creating each piece.

To ensure their longevity, our woven badges come with high-quality glue backing. This strengthens the durability of each piece, ensuring it remains intact and vibrant even through rigorous usage. Our woven patches are designed to sustain their brilliance, regardless of the wear and tear they may endure.

To make your experience customer-friendly, we offer a minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces, accommodating businesses of all sizes. To match your fast-paced needs, we assure lightning-fast delivery, ensuring you get the woven badges you need exactly when you need them.

With decades of experience, we have served companies with diverse requirements and consistently exceeded expectations at EMBROIDERYBADGE.UK, we leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced order approval systems to ensure complete satisfaction with every order. We manage your orders seamlessly, from the initial artwork design to the final production process, with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Place your trust in us for your next woven patch order and experience the confidence of working with a proven industry leader.

Immerse yourself in the superior-quality woven badges and patches crafted exclusively for you at EMBROIDERYBADGE.UK.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs.

Delivery: 10 – 14 days.

Approximate Pricing (7 cms):

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Woven patches use thinner threads that are woven together so they are ideal when a design is too detailed or complex to be achieved with the embroidery process.

Woven badges are the perfect solution when you need the extra fine detail that embroidered badges can’t provide.

Here are some other key benefits of ordering woven badges with Embroidery Badge:

UK Suppliers

We offer the flexibility to manufacture your badge either in the UK or in our overseas factories, depending on your needs. We take full responsibility for the production and quality control process, ensuring that your badge meets our high standards of excellence. You can trust us to deliver a superior product that meets your expectations, no matter where it is manufactured.

Fine Detail

Woven badges show small lettering and extra fine details that do not reproduce well on embroidered badges.


Woven badges offer more detail than embroidered badges and are perfect for complex designs. They are cost-effective, especially for volume orders, and have a minimum order quantity of 100 units. EMBROIDERYBADGE.UK provides complete control over the review and approval process and stores information on completed orders for easy repeat ordering. Consider border type and backing when placing your order.

Placing an order for badges can be stressful, especially when working with a new company. But at Embroidery Badge UK, we’ve streamlined the process to make it easy and mistake-proof. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete our form and click the “Get a Quote” button. We’ll guide you through all the options and details, including borders and backing.

Step 2: Our experienced design and production team will create a free mockup based on your requirements and a bespoke price quote that’s much cheaper than top-of-the-shelf pricing.

Step 3: Once you approve the mockup, you can make a payment. You can either pay in full or pay for a production sample. If you choose the latter, the sample fee will be deducted from the final invoice if you proceed with production.

Step 4: We’ll produce a sample badge, scan it, and upload it for your approval. This way, you can see exactly what your production badges will look like before placing the final order. If you’re happy, make the complete payment. Once we receive it, we’ll start the order and dispatch it within the given timeframe.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 badges, although the prices do drastically decrease as you order more. A lot of our customers order a higher quantity and then use the spare ones as a backup to use on additional garments or products like gym bags , towels etc.

Can I order more than one logo to make up the 100 badges? 

The minimum order quantity is 100 pcs PER design  so if you want to order 2 designs you need to make sure that they are a minimum of 25 pcs each design. This includes and design changes, colours, borders, base or size.

Can I amend at any time? 

Yes. At Embroidery Badge we give you complete control over amendments up until the digital mockup approval  to avoid surprises. You can, however, amend after this stage, although a charge may occur.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can, without charge, at the digital mockup stage. Once you have approved this stage and paid  the setup charge of £42 for a  physical/production sample you can cancel and the setup charge of £42 is non refundable. Once you have approved the physical/production sample stage and payment is made in full the £42 will be deducted from this. If, however, you wish to cancel at this stage you will be liable for all costs incurred, (the set up charge £42, postage if applicable and the final invoice charge).

Can I add any artwork? 

Virtually yes! But please provide a high resolution image such as a jpeg or png files, if not ai or pdf files can be used. 

We will then send you a high resolution digital mockup for approval and with our experienced customer service and digitising teams will work with you to achieve your desired result.

Can I repeat orders?

Yes! Information on all completed orders will be stored in your personal online account.

What size can I choose?

An woven badge can go up to 200 mm, the minimum is 20 mm. Please be aware that lettering has to be 2 mm high to remain visible.

What colours can I choose?

Please refer to the woven thread chart to state your referred colours. 

Please refer to the merrow border thread chart if you choose this type of  border.

If you have thread colour references please always state these as this will help us to colour match your badges more accurately.

Can I see a photograph of the finished badge before I confirm an order?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process.

If you’d like us to match your badge to an existing badge, please provide all the details (badge type/amount/size/border/backgrounds/backings/colours) and for greater accuracy, please ensure the badge picture is clear and taken from an aerial angle.  Otherwise, please provide a high  resolution file with any new badge designs for us to accurately copy. If you have any pantone references that is always a bonus! In the first Digital Mockup step we create a photograph of a computer generated  mockup,  the  idea is to  ensure that elements in the artwork are present and this will require your first approval (please note any changes in this stage are free). Once you first approve, this will trigger the production/physical approval step and we create a photograph of your actual stitched out badge. Once you second approve, this will trigger production or you can request up to 4 sample badges to be sent to you (please note any changes at this stage will be chargeable). 

Can I get a sample of my badge before I fully order?

99% of our customers are happy to digital and production approve from a photograph of their badge. If you want to order a sample badge before a full order then the cost is as follows:- £30 + VAT + tracked and signed postage from Brentwood UK to your destination. Please note that an actual physical sample request adds up to  9 days to your final delivery.

What is Digital Mock-up approval?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process. In the digital mock-up approval step we create a photograph of a computer generated  mockup,  the  idea is to  ensure that elements in the artwork are present and this will require your first approval. Please ensure that each element of your bespoke badge is correct, if not amend it. Amendments at this stage are free and the process will revert back to an amended computer generated mockup. Please be aware each amendment can cause a delay. Once you first approve, this will trigger the production/physical sample approval step.

What is production/physical sample approval?

Once you first approve, this will trigger the second approval step and we create a photograph of your actual stitched out badge. Any amendments at this stage will be chargeable and the process will revert back to an amended computer generated digital  mockup, which will require your first approval, followed by a second approval. Please be aware that an amendment at this stage will cause a delay. Once you second approve, this will trigger production or you can request up to four sample badges.

How can I contact you for help?

Use our LiveChat (open from 9am-9pm) Greenwich Mean Time. If we do not answer please leave a message. Or email Or call on 0800 368 7414.


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