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Premium Custom Shooting Patches and Badges for Rifle Clubs

At, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality custom shooting patches and rifle club badges, perfect for enhancing the unique identity of your club. Our talented team specializes in crafting intricately embroidered, woven, and sublimation printed shooting badges that not only showcase your club’s logo but also represent its ethos and spirit.

Expertly Crafted Embroidered, Woven, and Sublimation Printed Patches

Our embroidered shooting patches provide a classic, timeless appearance, while our woven shooting badges deliver exceptional detail and durability. Our sublimation printed patches offer vibrant colours and intricate designs, ensuring your club’s badges stand out from the rest.

Over Three Decades of Experience Crafting Patch designs.

With over three decades of experience, we have honed our skills in creating a wide variety of gun club patches and firearms club patches that cater to the specific needs of shooting clubs. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures your club’s patches reflect its unique image and identity.

Celebrate Achievements with Shooting Competition Patches and Rifle Team Badges

Aiming to cater to various events and occasions, our shooting competition patches and rifle team badges celebrate achievements and foster team spirit. With our exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality, your club’s members will wear these badges with pride.

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Easy Online Ordering of Embroidered and Woven Shooting Badges

Please select your desired custom shooting patch or rifle club badge using our user-friendly online order management system. Specify your preferred backing for badge application and the border for an edge finish to create the perfect design.

 Comprehensive Two-Step Approval System for Personalized Gun Club Patches

Experience peace of mind with our two-step approval process, including free quotes and mockups for embroidered shooting patches, woven shooting badges, and personalized gun club patches, ensuring you see the final product photos before we start bulk production.

Free Mockup and Price Quote for Firearms Club Patches and Shooting Competition Patches

Receive a no-obligation free mockup and a price quote with a quantity breakdown for your custom shooting patches, firearms club patches, or shooting competition patches. Approve the mockup and pay the sample fee to proceed.

Production Sample and Final Approval for Rifle Team Badges and Tactical Patches

We create a production sample of your custom shooting patch, rifle team badge, or tactical patch and upload a photo for your review. If you’re satisfied with the photo or final sample, approve the badge and pay the invoice balance.

Dependable Customer Support and Quick Delivery of Morale Patches and Shooting Club Badges

Our dedicated customer support team is just a phone call away to assist you throughout the process. We ensure timely production and delivery of your custom shooting patches, rifle club badges, and morale patches.

Decide how you’d like to attach the badge to the uniform. There are three methods.

Iron on

Badges can be ironed on or heat pressed onto the garments (manual stitching is also recommended for greater durability).

Embroidery applique

The badge is outlined on an embroidery machine to give a fantastic finish.

Manual stitching

The badge is stitched by hand or by sewing machine.

Our art team will send various mock-ups for your approval – you will have 100% control over this to ensure the product perfectly matches your initial design.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is from 25 upwards per badge, depending on the type of badge you choose, however; you can place a larger order and take advantage of the higher volume discounts. 

What type of badge would you recommend for swimming badges?

 Many swimming badges are simple in design, with the same logo but different coloured wording and figures. Sublimation, Woven, embroidery, and embroidery with a twill background are popular. Merrow borders are favoured for hand-sewn badges. PVC and TPU badges can be used if more significant quantities are required.

Swimming badges are best attached by hand sewing on, heat-seal backing is not recommended as an attachment under swimming conditions.

What is the difference between these badges?

We have made simple videos showing the different types of badges.
Watch our videos here

Can we match an existing badge or direct embroidery design?

Yes! All you have to do is let us know the specifications and the thread colours by stating the Pantone references or using our high-resolution shade cards. Alternatively, post the existing badge to us, and we’ll match the colours as closely as possible for you.

How soon can I expect my order?

Sublimation and embroidered badges can be shipped within 7-10 days

 Please allow 2-3 weeks for woven badges. Specialists’ badges will vary.

Can I see a photograph of the finished badge before I confirm an order?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process.  In the first Digital Mockup step, we create a photograph of a computer-generated mockup,  the idea is to ensure that elements in the artwork are present, and this will require your first approval (please note any changes in this stage are free). Once you first approve, this will trigger the production/physical approval step, and we will create a photograph of your actual stitched-out badge. Once you second approve, this will trigger production, or you can request up to 4 sample badges to be sent to you (please note any changes at this stage will be chargeable).

Can I get a sample of my badge before I order the entire quantity?

99% of our customers are happy with digital and production approval from a photograph of their badge. If you want to order a sample badge before a total order, the cost is as follows:- £30 + VAT + tracked and signed postage from Brentwood, UK, to your destination. Please note that an actual physical sample request adds up to  9 days to your final delivery.

What is Digital Mock-up approval?

When you place an order, we have a 2 stage approval process. In the digital mock-up approval step, we create a photograph of a computer-generated mockup; the idea is to ensure that elements in the artwork are present, which will require your first approval. Please ensure that each element of your bespoke badge is correct; if not, amend it. Amendments at this stage are free, and the process will revert to an amended computer-generated mockup. Please be aware each amendment can cause a delay. Once you approve, this will trigger the production/physical sample approval step.

What is production/physical sample approval?

Once you first approve, this will trigger the second approval step, and we will create a photograph of your actual stitched-out badge. Any amendments at this stage will be chargeable. The process will revert to an amended computer-generated digital mockup, which will require your first approval, followed by a second approval. Please be aware that an amendment at this stage will cause a delay. Once you second approve, this will trigger production, or you can request up to four sample badges.

What file types and formats are accepted?

A high-resolution file of an aerial image of your badge design is required; ideally, jpeg, png, or pdf. Please let us know if you have any other files.


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