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Custom Printed Badges bring an explosion of colour and detail to garment embellishments. Utilizing a heat-sensitive ink process, these patches reproduce intricate designs in stunning, full-colour detail. The dye sublimation process ensured a vibrant and crisp image on the surface and infused into the fabric. This results in a sublimation badge resistant to fading and wear, even with frequent use.

Suitable for various garments and accessories, printed patches are particularly favoured where high-definition imagery is essential.

Ideal for corporate branding or detailed artwork on uniforms, jackets, caps, or bags, they give a high-end, professional touch. With their superior graphics and durability, these printed patches are also popular for sportswear and promotional merchandise, effortlessly enduring the rigours of daily use.
At our store, we take pride in offering the best Printed Badges on the market. Our badges are manufactured by trusted partners who ensure premium quality and durability. Our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, offering advice and guidance to ensure you get the perfect badge for your needs. Shop with us for the most vibrant, high-definition printed badges, and elevate your garments and accessories to the next level.

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 pcs.

Delivery: Super-fast! 07 days.

Approximate Pricing:

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These are printed badges, the sublimation process allows the inks to penetrate into the fibre of the polyester twill, embedding them permanently.

As a result of the process, the design does not crack or peel later.

These are preferred over embroidery or woven badges for images with very intricate details like extensive shading, lots of colours or photographic detail.

To order your printed badges aka patches on, follow these simple steps: At any time if you have any confusion please do not hesitate to call os on 08003687414 or chat with us on live chat

How to order:

  1. Name your project to make it easy to identify.
  2. If you are embroidering and wish to applique the badge, choose the applique option; otherwise, skip this step.
  3. Decide whether you want a base fabric showing through on your badge, and if so, choose the fabric color.
  4. Select your preferred borders and backings.
  5. Choose the quantity you need to match your budget and requirements.
  6. Upload your desired image or logo to be featured on your embroidered badge/patch.
  7. We will create a free mockup and send you a final quote for your approval before production begins.
  8. Once you have approved the mockup and paid for your order, we will begin the production process and create one sample of your custom embroidered badge/patch. This sample will give you complete peace of mind, as you will know exactly how the final product will look.
  9. After you have approved the sample, we will proceed with the rest of your order, ensuring that each badge/patch is of the highest quality.

Ordering your custom printed badges aka patches has never been easier!

What is the minimum order quantity? 

Our minimum order quantity is 50 badges,  although the prices do drastically decrease as you order more. A lot of our customers order a higher quantity and then use the spare ones as a backup to use on additional garments or products like gym bags , towels etc.

Can I order more than one logo to make up the 50 badges? 

The minimum order quantity is 50 pcs PER design  so if you want to order 2 designs you need to make sure that they are a minimum of 50 pcs each design. Because, this includes and design changes, colours, borders, base or size.

Can I amend at any time? 

Yes. At Embroidery Badge we give you complete control over amendments up until the digital mockup approval  to avoid surprises. You can, however, amend after this stage, although a charge may occur.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can, without charge, at the digital mockup stage. Once you have approved this stage and paid  the setup charge of £42 for a  physical/production sample you can cancel and the setup charge of £42 is non refundable. Once you have approved the physical/production sample stage and payment is made in full the £42 will be deducted from this. If, however, you wish to cancel at this stage you will be liable for all costs incurred, (the set up charge £42, postage if applicable and the final invoice charge).

Can I add any artwork? 

Virtually, yes! We will send you high resolution image such as a jpeg or png files, if not ai or pdf files can be used.

Can I repeat order? 
Yes! And information will be stored on your online account.

What size can I choose?

A sublimation badge can go up to 300mm, the minimum is 20 mm. Please be aware that lettering has to be 2 mm high to remain visible.

What colours can I choose?

Please refer to the merrow border thread chart if you choose this type of  border. 

So, if you have thread colour references already, please always state these as this will help us to colour match your badges more accurately.

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