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Choosing the Best Backing for your Chenille Patches!

Selecting the Ideal Backing for Your Chenille Patches: A Guide by EmbroideryBadge.uk

EmbroideryBadge.uk comprehends the nuances of choosing the right backing for your unique chenille badges. Understanding each backing’s applications and limitations is crucial to optimize functionality and aesthetics. From heat seal to applique, we have the perfect backing for your company’s badges!

Diving into Heat Seal Backing

Heat Seal backing demands specialized equipment and techniques due to chenille badges’ raised, towel-like texture. A traditional heat sealing machine can compromise badge quality, flattening its unique texture. Alternatives include a specialized heat sealing machine or using transfer tape and pressing the badge facing down. A thick silicone pad aids in this process.

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Discovering Non-Woven Backing’s Robustness

Non-woven backing is integral for durability and structural integrity, often the choice for applique badges, maintaining shape and withstanding wear. Badges can be manually stitched or machine-embroidered with the appliqué technique. However, its use may be limited for chenille badges, especially in trade shows and events favouring temporary solutions.

heat sealing machine chenille patches velcro applique

Understanding the Flexibility of Velcro Backing

Versatile Velcro backing offers various configurations and is essential for situations requiring frequent badge interchangeability. It is favoured for military gear, police uniforms, and paintball equipment due to its adaptability and user-friendliness.

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The right backing choice is critical for your chenille patches’ application, longevity, and overall appeal.

Whether it’s the specialized approach of Heat Seal, the sturdy nature of Non-Woven, or the adaptability of Velcro, EmbroideryBadge.uk is your comprehensive resource for informed backing selection. For more detailed insights on each backing type and its applications, delve into our extensive blog post.

Additional Point: When designing chenille badges, understanding which designs are most suited to the medium is paramount. But not all designs are suitable for chenille badges, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive blog detailing the exclusive design considerations and nuances. If this is your first time ordering, please, it’s essential to read.

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