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The 5 Most Asked Questions on 3D Puff Badges

If you need clarification on what embroidered 3D Puff Badges are, this article is for you. Whether it’s for caps or hoodies, we’ve got “foam” answers!

This article we will cover:

  • A debriefer on how 3D Puff badges look like.
  • The process of choosing and tweaking design elements of the badge before you submit an order.
  • How the badges are attached to garments.
  • And the 5 most asked questions regarding 3D Puff badges.

What are Embroidered 3D Puff Patches?

Embroidered 3D Puff badges are bespoke designs. Stitching threads create these badges onto various fabric backings supplied in many shapes and sizes. You can choose from hundreds of thread options and colours to create or match your unique design. We insert foam under the embroidery stitching. And that, in turn, raises the surface or generates a “puffed” look. In return, the foam gives the embroidery designs a three-dimensional appearance. We often see the 3D foam effect on garments that don’t require much washing, and it is most popular on caps.

How to check if your design is suitable for embroidered 3D Puff Patches?

Finding out if a design suits embroidered 3D puff patches can be difficult, so here are some tips. Designs with bold, broad strokes, such as large, simple letters, allow for the most dimensional embroidery using 3D foam. The vast area allows for long designs while loose stitches allow the foam to remain high and uncompressed. The object of focus in the 3D badge must ideally be between 3-8 mm wide. Look at the designs below in the image. The letter A looks the most dimensional as it is the thickest.

Is it hard to attach embroidered 3D Puff Patches to my garments?

With recent technological advancements, heat presses are available that produce heat from the bottom. These are the best equipment to use if you want to heat seal your badges. The foam used for 3D puff badges has a low melting point, so you must carefully attach them to the garments or caps. The other way to attach badges is to stitch them using machine appliqué or manual stitching. For a cap badge; you’d need a hat press or a custom cap attachment!

I have a design available to me; how will the badge look the way I want it?

Our team has had decades of experience producing 3D embroidery designs, so once you request a free quote with us, we will look at the design and verify its compatibility for you. If we have any recommendations on making the badge look even better, we will contact you with our suggestions and create alternate mockups for your review. Our process is fast, and it usually takes around 24 hours for our designers to form a badge’s digital mockup when you place the quote online. Once you review the digital mockup, you will know the appearance of the badge and can approve it or request amendments as required.

What is the minimum quantity required to order 3D Embroidery Badges?

Our required minimum order quantity for 3D badges is 25 pieces. But the price drops drastically as the quantity increases. For instance, if an order of 35 badges per badge costs £4, for an order of 300 badges, it would cost you around £0.90 per badge. The easy way to assess where to use additional badges if you increase the quantity you want to order is to figure out what more products you can use the badges on. For example, if your business has 16 members in its core team and they buy one garment each to apply the badge, you only need to order 16 pieces. However, you could market your brand even more by putting the same badge on caps, shorts, or even gym bags, and you
would need to order more badges, which would translate to lower per-badge prices for your business.

You can contact us directly if you have any more queries about customizing 3D Embroidery Badges.

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