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5 Tips To Save Big When You Order Badges

Maximize Savings When You Order Badges Without Compromising Quality

At Embroidery Badge UK, we understand that everyone loves a good deal, so we offer top-quality products at competitive prices. Here are some detailed tips on how to save on your badge orders without sacrificing quality. Cheap badges are accessible but will lack the quality that you require. Here are some ways to get premium badges without burning a hole in your pocket:


Bulk order from embroidery badge uk for discount embroidery badges custom patches bulk order badges personalised patches embroidered badges save on badge orders quality embroidery cost-effective badges promotional offers embroidery coverage order badges best badges badge order bulk order personalised patches

1. Bulk Order for Bigger Savings

We provide price breaks for different quantities of badges at Embroidery Badge UK, allowing you to save more as you order more. By reviewing our pricing chart, you can see the discounts we offer for various quantities. You might be surprised that ordering 50 badges costs nearly the same as 40! Ordering a few extra patches can result in significant savings and reduce the need for frequent reordering. So if you have other garments or merchandise that can be branded, the bulk order route is the way to go! And our minimums for Embroidered Badges, 3D Puff Badges, Special Stitch Badges, Faux Chenille Badges and Sublimation Badges start at just 25 pieces!

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2. Seize Seasonal Offers and Promotions

Many businesses, including Embroidery Badge UK, provide discounts and promotional offers during major holidays and off-season periods. Planning your orders to coincide with these offers maximises savings with minimal effort. To stay informed about our yearly promotions, please get in touch with us via email or phone. We will guide you through your order badges.

3. Be Mindful of Colour Choices

While you can choose as many colours as you like for your design, adding more colours can increase the overall cost. To keep expenses low, minimize the number of colours in your design and consider combining similar shades for a more cost-effective approach. This can result in a more streamlined design without inflating the price. At the end of the day, they are your personalised patches.


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4. Order Badges Ahead to Avoid Rush Fees

Embroidery businesses, including ours, often charge a rush order fee for expedited services, such as 24-hour turnaround or 3-day delivery. You can avoid these additional fees by placing your order well in advance. Also, remember that peak seasons and holidays may result in delays, so planning is always a wise choice.

5. Choose Partial Embroidery Coverage

Opting for 95% embroidery coverage instead of 100% can save costs without significantly affecting your personalised patches’ overall appearance. The embroidery coverage refers to the percentage of fabric covered with thread on the underlying ’twill’ material. By allowing some fabric to show strategically in your design, you can create an attractive badge while paying less. This approach works particularly well on badges with a solid background colour.
Remember these tips when placing your next badge order, and always consult our pricing guide on to make the most informed decision.

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Badge patch appliqué badges patches 5 best techniques to apply patches blue badge application badge apply attach a badge to cap attach a blazer badge

5 Best Techniques to Apply Patches

Embroidered Badges and Patches are all the rage right now. You can apply these badges to t-shirts, jackets, bags and even shoes! This blog will explain applying a patch to your garments and accessories.

It’s well known to garment manufacturers and designers that there are more than a few ways to attach a patch; however, some techniques are better suited to your needs than others. At Embroidery Badge, we help you find the best way to get the most out of your patch.

Over the years, the classic embroidered badge has given way to more revolutionary and artistic methods of creating patches. And these include:

You can also get a combination of two or more different types.

Now that we have laid out the different types take a look at the 5 ways that you can apply a badge to your favourite fabric:

Heat Seal Machine/ Iron

Iron-on embroidered patch ready for application

The world of fashion is forever changing. From extravagant and innovative designs to minimalistic ones, badges are everywhere.

Brands like Gucci have made extensive and unique animal prints infamous, and several other big brands follow in their footsteps.

Heat Seal Backing is when we coat the back of the badge in a sealant—and ensure that the badge holds its shape and glues securely onto the fabric when heat is applied.


  • Easy to attach using any heat-sustainable surface.
  • Convenient to order in bulk for small top-ups.
  • No seams or harsh lines around the design.
  • No sewing is required.


  • Some garments/caps need specialized heat press equipment.
  • Not suitable for nylon or garments with any coating.
  • Not as durable as sewing.
  • It could come off if washed or used a lot.


Hand-stitchable badges on display

This method has been around since the inception of embroidery. It is, to date, the most durable technique for applying a badge. Small one-off quantities can be hand-stitched using a simple thread and needle; your local seamstress can stitch larger quantities. And for professional embellishment, please see “applique embroidery” later in the blog.

Although it’s a traditional method, using unconventional colour schemes or contrasting threads can further lift the look of your sew on patches.

You can even make it invisible! All you have to do is add an embroidered or overlocked edge to your badge and sew around it in the application stage to make sure your badge is permanently attached. It’s a good method to attach a badge. 

Pros of using sew on patches:

  • Very durable.
  • An invisible application process is possible. 
  • Small quantities can be hand-stitched.

Cons of using sew on patches:

  • Time-consuming.
  • Traditional look.
  • You would have to pay someone else to do large quantities.

Sew and Seal

The most time-consuming yet effective way is to combine heat sealing and sewing. The heat application helps the badge keep its shape, structure, and consistency. And the sewing extends the application’s life while adding another unique feature to your branding.


  • Very durable.
  • Keeps badge shape & structure.
  • Extends the life of the badge even with excess washing and usage.


  • Time-consuming.
  • Not optimal for large quantities of badges.

Applique Embroidery Sewing

Badge Being stitched-on on embroidery machine

Using an embroidery sewing machine, your badge application will have an extremely professional finish as if it’s part of the fabric. 99% of the woven logos you see on team sports jerseys use this method. So sports and performance wear companies mainly use this method. 

Pros of Applique:

  • Very durable.
  • We provide an outline DST stitch file that lines up your badge perfectly on the embroidery machine.

Cons of Applique:

  • Must have appropriate machinery.


glue bottle glue badges adhesive badges adhesive patches stick on patches stick on badges

Popular with woven badges and temporary badge applications, the method puts a complete DIY spin on badge application by giving the end consumer the option of applying it as and when desired.

With a peel-off sticker backing, it’s flexible and attached easily. The glue is used for events and promotions where all the staff can wear tops of the same colour, and everything looks uniform once the badge is applied.


  • Very easy to apply.
  • Apply it to any garment!
  • Easily removed.


  • Not durable.
  • A temporary option.

So now that we have discussed the 5 ways you can apply badges, it’s time for you to choose. Every application process works for a different situation, depending on your badge’s use and lifecycle, whether heat seal, applique or sewing works.

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Embroidered patches Custom design 2023 (or any upcoming year) Key considerations Badge Sew-on patches Iron-on patches Custom logo Brand identity Personalization

Custom Embroidered Patches: 10 Key Considerations in 2023

Embroidered patches are a timeless way to showcase your brand or personal style. Whether you’re creating patches for your business, sports team or simply as a fashion statement, there are a few key considerations to consider when designing your custom embroidered patches. You can choose iron-on, adhesive and sew-on patches depending on your requirement. 

Here are 10 essential things to consider when creating custom embroidered patches in 2023:

  • Design: The design of your custom embroidery patch is crucial as it needs to be clear and easily recognizable. It’s essential to create a high-quality graphic to embroider easily. Remember that intricate details may be harder to reproduce on a small patch, so choosing a simple yet impactful design is essential.
  • Size: Consider the size of your patch carefully, as it will impact the level of detail that we can include in your design. A larger patch may allow for more detailed embroidery. Still, a smaller patch can be more versatile and work better for certain garments.
  • Colour: Choosing the right colours can make your custom embroidered patch stand out and be more visually appealing. Remember that certain colours may translate poorly to embroidery. Hence, choosing colours that work well with the thread you plan to use is important.
  • Thread type: The type of thread used can affect the look and durability of your patch. Nylon and polyester are popular options as they are durable and come in a wide range of colours.
  • Backing: The backing you choose for your patch will depend on the garment it will be attached to and how you plan to use it. An iron-on backing can be applied easily at home, while a Velcro backing can be easily removed and repositioned.

Reminder: Our experienced staff is available for questions about custom badges! 

  • Edges: Choose a merrow border or a laser-cut edge, depending on your desired style. A merrowed edge is a traditional option that provides a classic look. In contrast, a laser-cut edge creates a more modern, clean-cut look. That is the beauty of custom embroidery.
  • Placement: Consider where you wish to place your badge and ensure your design complements the garment. A patch that is too large or too small for the garment can look awkward, so choosing an appropriate size and placement is crucial.
  • Quantity: Consider the number of patches you need and whether you will need to reorder in the future. Ordering in bulk often results in a lower price per patch and is more cost-effective if you plan to use the patches frequently.
  • Budget: Determine a realistic budget for your project and consider any additional costs, such as setup fees. Remember that certain design elements, such as colour and size, can affect the cost of your patches.
  • Production time: Be aware of production timelines to ensure your custom embroidered patches are ready when needed. Production time can vary depending on the complexity of your design and the number of patches you need. The best thing is to plan ahead to avoid any delays.

By considering these 10 key factors when creating custom embroidered patches, you can ensure that your iron-on, adhesive or sew-on patches are high-quality, visually appealing, and tailored to your needs.

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sustainable fashion recycled materials recycled material recycled thread organic clothing sustainable fabric sustainable fashion

Embrace Sustainable Fashion with Our Eco Green Badges

At Embroidery Badge UK, we are committed to promoting sustainable fashion and preserving our planet for future generations. We are thrilled to introduce our Eco Green Badges! Our passion for green fashion and eco-friendly clothing solutions has led us to create these stylish and sustainable embroidered badges that positively impact the environment. And we craft these using Madeira’s environmentally friendly Poly Green thread.

We proudly support the circular economy and sustainability. And that is by selecting Madeira’s Poly Green thread for our Eco Green Badges. Madeira, a leading name in the embroidery industry, has ingeniously developed its Poly Green thread using 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. This eco-conscious thread reduces plastic waste and repurposes materials that would otherwise contribute to pollution. And the best part is that it is all sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

And not only is Madeira’s Poly Green thread an ethical clothing choice, but it also guarantees exceptional strength and colour-fastness. Our Eco Green Badges maintain their vibrant and high-quality appearance even after numerous washes, making them perfect for organic clothing, sports clubs, uniforms, or any other application where durability is paramount. Furthermore, Madeira’s Poly Green thread is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified! And this ensures it is free from harmful substances and safe for direct skin contact. So sustainability and eco friendly clothing are quite accessible if you choose.

Our dedication to promoting sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly fashion extends beyond our products. So showcase your love for the environment and make a statement with these unique and eco-conscious badges. 

Every small step counts, and by choosing our Eco Green Badges, you can contribute to a greener future.

Explore our range of Eco Green Badges on our website and learn more about our commitment to sustainable fashion and ethical clothing practices. If you have any questions or require custom designs, contact our friendly team for assistance and information on our eco-friendly embroidery options.

Join us on our mission to advance sustainable fashion and protect our planet, one embroidered badge at a time. So choose Embroidery Badge UK’s Eco Green Badges, and proudly wear your environmentally friendly values.

Because together, we can positively impact ourselves and future generations.

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