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Choosing the right Border for your Embroidered Patches!

Choosing the Right Border for Your Embroidered Patches: A Guide to Merrow and Satin Stitched Borders

When designing custom embroidered patches or badges, selecting the appropriate border is crucial. It not only impacts the aesthetic of the patch but also its durability and application. In this post, we will explore the differences between Merrow borders, Satin Stitched borders, and the option for no border, focusing on their applications for your custom embroidered patch.

 Border Overview

Embroidered badges come to life with various finishing touches, and the border type is one of them. It aids in achieving refined and robust edges, preventing the patch from wearing out and unravelling. Borders add a protective and decorative function, emphasizing the design’s uniqueness and integrity.

Merrow Border

Merrow borders are synonymous with tradition and durability, adding a robust and aesthetic overlocked edge to the patches. This type of border is ideal for uniform and symmetrical designs like circles and squares, providing a fuller appearance and superior protection against fraying and shredding. However, the overlapped sealing of edges in Merrow borders might create a slight bump, which could be a consideration for some designs.

Satin Stitch Border

Satin Stitch borders offer uniform thickness and versatility, suitable for complex and intricate shapes. These borders sit on the edge of the badge and then are laser-cut, making them appear slightly unfinished at the edge but offering considerable thinness and uniformity. It’s a better choice when versatility in shape is a priority.

No Border (For Appliqués)

For appliqués, a borderless finish is often preferred, applied directly using an embroidery machine. This method is most suitable for the appliqué embroidery technique, especially for felt patches, where badges are affixed seamlessly, emphasizing the delicacy of the design.

Choice Considerations Choosing between Merrow, Satin Stitch, and no border involves evaluating the artistic vision, aesthetic preference, and functional needs of your custom embroidered patch. Consider the design’s complexity, desired thickness, and application method while selecting to ensure the embroidered badge meets your expectations.

Understanding the characteristics of Merrow and Satin Stitched borders, along with the option for no border, allows for informed decisions when designing embroidered patches and badges. Consider the patch’s purpose, design intricacy, and aesthetic preferences when choosing the right border, ensuring the final product is visually appealing but also durable and functional.

For more detailed insights and considerations on choosing the right borders for your custom embroidered patches, read our in-depth guide, Embroidered Badges Borders: Making the Correct Choice. 

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