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Explore the World of Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches are an excellent way to promote your brand, attract new customers, and grow your business. These embroidered badges can significantly enhance your branding efforts and bring your logo to life worldwide! This comprehensive guide will delve into essential aspects to consider when ordering the quintessential custom embroidered patch for personal or business purposes.

Discover Custom Embroidered Patches

A custom embroidered patches involves stitching a design onto fabric, which is then attached to clothing or accessories using various techniques. As a business specialising in embroidered badges, we create patches tailored to customer specifications or designed to align with a specific business theme.

Depending on the preferred badge application method, you can order Iron-On, Sew-On, Appliqué, or Velcro patches for your garments. Check out our tutorial videos here to learn more about the badge application process.

Why Opt for Custom Embroidered Patches?

Impactful Branding

Custom embroidered patches are an impactful choice for showcasing your company name or logo, celebrating events, or adding flair to apparel. As an increasingly popular alternative to traditional embroidery, these patches offer convenience and sustainability.


Made with high-quality thread and materials, custom embroidered patches are durable and can last for years with proper care. They resist fading and fraying, ensuring that your logo or design remains vibrant over time. The reason is that we sew them using the highest quality thread and materials.


You can apply custom embroidered patches to various garments and accessories, such as jackets, hats, bags, and uniforms. They’re perfect for businesses, sports teams, clubs, non-profit organisations, and individuals looking for a unique way to express their identity or promote their brand.

Diverse Customizable Embroidered Patch Options:

Custom embroidered patches come in various categories, including:

  1. 100% Embroidered Patches – These fully embroidered patches provide a vibrant, detailed design.
  2. Partially Embroidered Badges with visible fabric (polyester twill or felt) – These patches combine embroidery with a fabric background, offering a more cost-effective option for larger designs.
  3. 3D Puff Embroidered Patches – Featuring a distinctive raised embroidery effect for prominent text, these patches add dimension and flair to your design.
  4. Chenille Embroidered Badges – Mimicking a towel-like appearance, these patches are famous for varsity designs and sports teams, giving your logo a unique texture.
  5. Faux Chenille Embroidered Badges -We make our faux chenille badges using embroidery thread and a unique stitch technique, allowing for a broader range of colours and intricate designs compared to traditional chenille badges.
  6. Eco-Green Badges – We create our Eco-Green badges using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, ensuring they look good and are kind to the environment—We manufacture these badges by using embroidery thread made from recycled pet bottles.               
  7. Special Stitch Badges – Special stitch badges are embroidered patches with a twist, using excellent special stitches. These stitches add both structure and definition to the logo. They stand out from typically embroidered badges.

Design Tips for Customized Embroidered Badges

To maximise the impact of your custom embroidered patch, follow these design guidelines:

  • Choose a recognisable logo or design that aligns with your brand image and is legible from 2-3 feet away.
  • Determine the patch’s purpose and usage before finalising the design. Consider whether the patch is for branding, commemorating an event, or purely decorative.
  • Use only one or two colours in the central element of the badge to avoid distracting the viewer. We can add more colours, but it’s essential to maintain a clean and professional appearance.
  • Ensure small fonts are at least 5mm tall for readability from a safe distance. This ensures that your message is clear and easily understood.
  • Consider the shape and size of the patch to ensure it’s suitable for the intended application. We can create your patches in various shapes, from traditional circles and rectangles to custom designs that complement your logo.


The Ordering Process for Custom Embroidered Patches

Step 1: Request a Quote

Contact our team with your design concept, patch size, quantity, and desired backing type. Or place a quote directly on our site! We’ll provide you with a detailed quote and turnaround time for your custom embroidered patch.

Step 2: Artwork and Design Approval

Once you’ve accepted the quote, our talented designers will create a digital proof of your patch design for your review and approval. You can request revisions to ensure the design meets your expectations.

Step 3: Production

After approving the design, we’ll begin production on your custom embroidered badges. Our experienced team ensures that every patch is crafted with care and attention to detail, using high-quality materials to guarantee durability and longevity.

Step 4: Quality Control and Shipping

Before shipping, each patch undergoes a thorough quality control process to ensure it meets our stringent standards. Once approved, your patches will be shipped directly to your specified location, ready for application or distribution.

Caring for Your Custom Embroidered Patches

To keep your custom embroidered patches looking their best, follow these care guidelines:

  • If your patch is sew-on, hand wash it or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine.
  • Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, which can damage the embroidery thread and fabric.
  • Allow patches to air dry, as the heat from a dryer can cause damage or shrinkage.
  • If your patch becomes wrinkled, use a pressing cloth and a low-heat iron to smooth it out.

So, it’s essential to consider various factors, such as badge type, size, font, colour, style, and material, when ordering custom embroidered badges. Custom embroidered badges offer numerous benefits for individuals and businesses, providing a durable and versatile branding solution that stands the test of time. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require assistance with custom patches or need further information!

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